Frequently asked questions

Are you licensed and insured?



Southern Libations is a licensed and insured limited liability company. We provide our business license and general liability insurance policy, including liquor liability coverage, for ALL events



If we hire Southern Libations, are we covered under your insurance policy?



Southern Libation’s staff and their service is covered under our policy. Individuals or Companies / Entities that hire us greatly reduce their risk by having our staff distribute alcoholic beverages.


Does Southern Libations do ||cash bars|| where guests can pay for each drink?



Yes. We can obtain a temporary beer and wine permit for your event. There is a fee associated with the licensing and cash bar service. Contact us for details.



Do you have a liquor license?


No, a liquor license is needed for the purchase and selling of alcohol. We do not have a liquor license since we simply provide bartending services and mobile bars. We partner with licensed retail establishments to source your booze at unbeatable prices.


Can I customize my bar package?


We can usually find just about any type of spirit, wine or beer you would like to serve at your event.


Can we supply our own alcohol?


Yes you can supply your own alcohol. It needs to be at the venue at least 2 hours before the beginning of the event. We highly recommend allowing Southern Libations to supply mixers and all related product needed to facilitate service of the alcohol you provide.


Can we just hire bartenders?


Yes, if you would like to supply alcohol along with all your mixers, bar supplies and all related product.


Can I keep my alcohol after the event?


No unfortunately SC state law prohibits us doing so. We are tasked to take all alcohol from the venue when the event is over. Our package prices are set to supply you and your guests with ample amounts of product for the time agreed.


Where are you based and how far do you travel?


We are based in Upstate SC and travel to surrounding areas. We include an hour drive in our packages but can adjust accordingly.


Can I pay for an additional hour the night of the party?


Absolutely! If we have no other time restraints, and the party is still poppin as the end time is approaching, We can invoice an additional hour per the host’s request. Invoice is to be paid in cash or via PayPal at the time of the request.


Do you custom quote events?


Of course! Contact us with your ideas!