Our Process

Libation Consultation

We send inventory list of the beer, wine, and cocktail recipes that we recommend. If you are having trouble deciding on products we can arrange a tasting to nail down your desired bar menu. An experienced bar planner will be with you every step of the way.

Quantity Estimation

We help figure out the right amount of alcohol to purchase according to the amount of guests you are expecting. We partner with licensed retail establishments to source your alcoholic beverages at the most competitive prices and make sure you aren’t stuck with any leftovers!

Beverage Service Preperation

We coordinate the alcohol order, prep the coolers, and deliver everything ready to be served. We pull up in our vintage horse trailer bar or we can provide a variety of mobile interior bar set-ups.

Professionals at Work

We set-up, tend the bar, and tear down after. Let us handle all aspects of the beverage service so you don’t have to worry!