This was by far the most professional, friendly, and entertaining, vendor at our wedding. They actually truly care about what you want, say, and need. My wife picked them through her wedding planner and after our initial meet where they went through all their included offerings, our wants, and even made us specialty cocktails, I would never consider another vendor. The personalization they provided was astounding. We made a couple requests for things like a single bottle of Ketel 1 for an aunt, and they were very happy to do provide that even though we wanted Tito’s for everything else. They also have included craft sodas from Charleston and homemade lemonade (better than Chick-Fil-A and yes I know that sounds crazy) that no other vendor has and at no extra cost! The amount of compliments we got about how great their drinks were and how fun and friendly they were was amazing. Everyone from SL was great and we couldn’t have asked for better service. We truly appreciated all they did and talked about having another party just so we could hire them again!

Luke D.