Frequently asked questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Southern Libations is a licensed and insured limited liability company. We provide our business license and general liability insurance policy, including liquor liability coverage, for ALL events

If we hire Southern Libations, are we covered under your insurance policy?

Southern Libation’s staff and their service is covered under our policy. Individuals or Companies / Entities that hire us greatly reduce their risk by having our staff distribute alcoholic beverages.

Does Southern Libations do ||cash bars|| where guests can pay for each drink?

Yes. We can obtain a temporary beer and wine permit for your event. There is a fee associated with the licensing and cash bar service. Contact us for details.

Can I customize my bar package?

We can usually find just about any type of spirit, wine or beer you would like to serve at your event.

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

We are based in Upstate SC and travel to surrounding areas. We include an hour drive in our packages but can adjust accordingly.

Do you custom quote events?

Of course! Contact us with your ideas!

Does Southern Libations provide the alcohol for events?
Due to South Carolina laws, we cannot provide the liquor, beer, or wine as part of our
service. We do, however, provide coordination and organization of our client’s alcohol
order through local vendors. This ensures our customers the lowest price and the
greatest selection available. We still handle ALL aspects of the bar service so you don’t
have to worry!
Can I taste some drinks before the event?
Yes please!! We love meeting with you to taste, talk, and plan. The event manager for
your event will set up a time to try your concoctions before the event. This will allow us
to make any last minute adjustments to your menu and ensure you are happy with your
I have no idea how much alcohol I need, will you help me figure it out?
Absolutely. If you choose to use our bartending service, we’ll make sure you have the
right amount of drinks. We apply a standard approach to calculating how much alcohol
you’ll need based on guest numbers, length of service, and the bar menu.
Our venue has a bar, but we would love to have Southern Libations cater our beverageservice. Is that possible?
Oh yeah!! We can bring elevated beverage service to any venue that doesn’t have an
existing liquor license.
Do you work with caterers and venues who provide drink services?
Absolutely. We’ll happily provide our bars and draft equipment for caterers or venue
staff to serve from.